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 Orison Swett Marden's 1917 Success Classic now available in our exclusive eBook edition

     Orison Swett Marden founded the original Success Magazine in the late 1800's and grew it to a circulation over 500,000, which was considered very large for that time.  He was a prolific success writer and counted Carnegie, J.C. Penney, and many others of the same ilk, among his friends. 

Some consider him the grandfather of personal development who influenced a legion of
modern-day writers including Napoleon Hill.  Sales guru Jeffrey Gitomer says, "the person Hill emulated was Orison Swett Marden...Marden was the original positive-attitude genius of the 20th century.

Chapters include Playing the Glad Game,  Discouragement a Disease - How to Cure It, The Force that Moves Mountains, How to Find Oneself, Thinking All Over, How to Attract Prosperity and Heart-to-Heart Talks With Yourself.

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