A Young Widow Needs Your Help

   Thank you for what you're doing.  I'm a recent young widow myself and I know there is very little support available to us.  My husband was killed in Afghanistan this past May.  - Lisa V., West Virginia  

    While there are many agencies and organizations serving the needs of single moms, and a significant number of organizations serving the needs of mature widows, there are very few support organizations that provide specialized assistance to widows with dependent children.

    Sylvia's Foundation, Inc. is a non-denominational, non-profit organization that develops programs that will improve the quality of life and make a difference for young, widowed moms and their children. These programs include educational aid and stipends and automobile and home ownership assistance grants.

This link may seem a little strange for this site but it's in keeping with James Allen's philosophy.  In "The Path to Prosperity" he writes, "As you rise above the sordid self; as you break, one after another, the chains that bind you, will you realize the joy of giving, as distinguished from the misery of grasping...you will then understand that it is indeed "more blessed to give than to receive.""

     Sylvia Fanelli was widowed at 36 with five children under the age of 10.  She had an eighth-grade education, no skills, she never owned an automobile (and never had a driver's license), and received very little government assistance. Despite her obstacles, she managed to raise her children into responsible and productive citizens while modeling an incredibly positive attitude --- it is an attitude that still lingers today among those who were touched by her.  This non-profit organization is named in her memory.  She was also my grandmother :-) ....so I would really appreciate you checking this site out.

                                   - Vic

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