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In these 4 short lessons you can take
12 Steps to Real Estate Success

Let the Wealth Diva, Loral Langemeier,
show you the tips, tricks and techniques that
she's used to acquire more than 100 investment properties, using very little of her own money.
Are you tired of seeing your retirement profits crumble at the hands of a market downturn?

Have you sat on the sidelines and watched others make huge profits in real estate and wished you knew the “inside secrets” to their wealth?

Have you set forth plans that assumed a fixed rate of return, yet your realized return has fallen short of your projection?

Are you a savvy investor that knows that opportunities exist to project a rate of return at 13% or better and feel confident that you will realize these rates year after year?

Looking for an opportunity to start a part-time business on the side that can quickly grow to a full-time income?

If you've answered YES to any of these questions, or have just decided that it is time to make money work for you, instead of you working for money -- then it’s time to learn the 12 Steps to Real Estate Success.

If you examine the portfolios of wealthy individuals you will see that a portion of their holdings include real estate. In many instances it’s the largest part of their portfolios. There’s no question that a sound real estate strategy is an important part of becoming wealthy. Some estimate that more than 90% of all new millionaires achieved that status as a result of their real estate investments.

The 12 Steps to Real Estate Success is not some pie-in-the-sky program. It’s taught by Loral Langemeier, who used these savvy secrets as a young, thirty-something single mom to acquire more than 100 properties and become a millionaire in four short years.

Loral will take you step by step through the same successful strategy she has already taught to many others. Armed with this knowledge you too will soon be a successful real estate investor with a rapidly growing portfolio of prime real estate investments.

Here are the 12 steps you’ll learn in this program:

1.  Creating your acquisition strategy - starting with the END in MIND
2.  Properly using Special Strategy Options
3.  Flip and Rehab for CASH - pro's and con's
4.  Creating your structure and Closing the Deal
5.  Financing Your Properties including using other people’s money
6.  Contracts – Get it right, make it tight
7.  The Proper Role of Attorney's
8.  Critical Team Players - Use of Bookkeepers and Accountant's
9.  Marketing, Marketing and more Marketing – using online and offline  strategies
10. Understanding Tenants, Lessors and CREDIT (theirs and yours)
11. The Secret to Collections and Managing Your Business
12. Sustain and Manage Your Business for the Long Term and the Big Return

Some participants in this tele-seminar actually started buying real estate during the program using the principles they learned.  Listen to the recordings of this powerful four-session tele-seminar and start building your real estate wealth today.

Turn your speakers on and listen to a sample


"Loral is the best kept secret in the financial industry. Her work, particularly with women and the creation/building of their wealth, is unmatched. Take every opportunity you can to see her in action."
Mark Victor Hansen - Co-creator, #1 New York Times best-selling series
   Chicken Soup for the Soul®

Four Sessions to Real Estate Investing Success:

Lesson One: 
Why and How Real Estate

Lesson Two:   Re-Marketing and Sales Secrets

Lesson Three:   Creative Financing and Using Other People's Money

Lesson Four:   Structure, Contracts and Management


Bob Proctor says:

If you are ready to make a major paradigm shift, follow Loral Langemeier's counsel. I can honestly say she is one of the most powerful people I know. Plus the guidance she offers comes from her own personal experience; she knows how to make things happen."

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What others say:

"Loral Langemeier is a gem. One of those rare individuals who has the ability to not only teach you but also motivate you to take the action that you need to take to get the results you want. Having known and worked with Loral for years, she is an inspiration to me and to everyone she comes in contact with. If you have a chance to hear her speak or to work with her, DO IT! Loral WILL give you the tools to create the destiny you dream of." - Keith J. Cunningham - negotiator and capitalist who has done over $1 billion in deals.

"I was looking for a way to start in the investment world, now I have found it, thank you!" – Chris, San Francisco, CA

"In only 3 months I've increased my passive income, reduced my tax liability, and quit my JOB. Don't wait on this one; it will be the difference in your life!" - Chance Cole, Fort Smith, Arkansas

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   Several years ago I met a very dynamic lady named Loral Langemeier who has been mentored by such heavyweights as Robert Kiyosaki and Bob Proctor.  Armed with their teaching, she became an expert in financial literacy and real estate and then became a millionaire in just four short years. When I heard her do a seminar for the first time she was nothing short of incredible.  Here's someone who's done what they teach.   I invite you to learn how you can become a successful real estate investor starting this month!   - Vic

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