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15 powerful lessons that will show you how to move into that higher energy of maximum achievement

  • Discover the laws that will help you develop the life of your dreams
  • Activate your imagination…see yourself in possession of the reward
  • Tap into the power of your “Gold Mind”
  • Empower others to follow you to greater heights
  • Break out of the prison of negative thinking
  • Overcome discouragement and sweep aside opposition
  • Multiply your income by setting up multiple sources of income
  • Find the excitement, big ideas, and the solutions to every problem
  • Create and maintain a Winner’s Self-Image
  • Achieve any goal
  • and so many more that it would take an entire letter to describe them all.

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The Freedom Series was first introduced as a monthly subscription program.  Participants received one CD per month and paid almost $20 (including shipping).  We've converted those CD's to a convenient, downloadable mp3 audio format, and we can offer you this entire power-packed success library for a fraction of it's original cost (if you don't want to download the files, you can still receive all of the files on one CD-ROM.  See below for details).  

Important - Please Read:  The entire Freedom Series Library is more than 175 MB.  If you have a DSL, Cable or similar broadband connection, you can download these programs in a reasonably short time.  If you have a 56K modem or slower connection, please order the files on CD-ROM and we will ship them to you promptly by Priority Shipping

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